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But I believe it MS2 Mesos

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This dilemma was becoming a massive problem in my own server and it's keeping me and some of my friends from Maplestory Mesos creating any more characters on account of the lack of respect

individuals are giving. I know "this is the world wide web, we can't control people online" but what exactly the purpose of playing the game if individuals scare away the

players from the game?

Maplestory Experimental addition

This addition is not something that will kill me if I didnt see that it added into the match with the remainder of my idea, but I believe it MS2 Mesos would balance out familiar fans.

This idea probably wont be popular to most, but hear me out:

Familiar fans will be changed based on grade. Greater tier familiars have a rise enthusiast while lower tiers will have weaker fans. By way of instance, drop rate buffs will

be increased by 20 percent per grade. This means that the treasured Big Spiders buff to fall rate is going to be cut in half (down to 40 percent), since it is uncommon.

However, a familiar like Castellan will be raised to 100 percent as it's Omega (shares the enthusiast effects of Legendary). People will not like this because this will

destroy the readily accessable drop rate buff the Large Spider gives.

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