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TERA is really a fun game

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TERA is old. Plain and simple, but just like all games that embody the fun factor that we want them to, age really doesn't bring it down much. TERA mixes up things for the genre it's in by including real-time battle with dodging, magical, and many different attacks all operating like an action sport. Originally published in some specific regions in 2011, and also to a larger market in 2012, TERA has had lots of time to make its way to being one of the very popular MMO's with a great deal of players still supporting it. TERA's learning curve is not too steep as many other games in the genre, which makes it more of a fit in the console world compared to other MMO's would be Tera Gold.

It does not throw too much at you at the start, and sports a very clean UI that usually makes sense and will get you where you need to go in just a few button presses. These and a number of other components make TERA create a lot of sense for consoles, which I am sure is a delight for lots long-time gamers of this genre. TERA is really a fun game with a great deal of addicting gameplay loops and grinds that add up to an experience that doesn't stand out too as it did a few years ago, but keeps up well if you're trying to find a neatly arranged MMO experience with a decent narrative.

Speaking of story, TERA's lore is pretty typical RPG-fare. The two characters of main focus, Arun and Shara, titans who wield quite intense power and whose fates became linked in an unavoidable way, or so the story does have plenty of fantastical nonsense for lovers of the genre to enjoy. Blue hole really went all out and clearly had too much pleasure when designing this entire world, and that's a good thing.

The gameplay is pretty easy-going for quite a while, as you can perform quite a large chunk of this story missions without a lot of help before things really get difficult and make you get serious about the intricacies of the races and classes. But when the difficultly does creep up, it remains there, supplying a great, relatively well-paced amount of challenge during. The classes you need to pick from is of a pretty good selection, and there should be one class here that speaks to you.

Though lots of the character models look pretty good concerning detail and design, the worlds themselves are somewhat bland in that department, and rarely bring you some layouts or aesthetics you haven't seen a thousands times before. That being said, I wouldn't say any of those worlds or dungeons quite cross into boring territory. They are just... unremarkable. For as detailed and interesting as the characters can be ps4 tera gold, I feel as if it's an unusual juxtaposition to perform them in such a bland-looking world.

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